Self-growth through practice

I've been into parkour for such a long time now, and in more ways than one I think self-growth is a defining factor in the appeal. It's as much an internal exploration as an external one, a sentiment I've heard repeated from countless practitioners.    

Inwards community growth

I’m not necessarily into spreading parkour for the sake of spreading it, but tend to focus more on keeping the culture alive. This is one of the main goals with A to Wherever, and I believe collaborations is the way to go. The community is no doubt sprawling with talent and creativity.

Growing A to Wherever

The other themes took most focus as the project developed. However, the original intent was simply to grow A to Wherever, from a small clothing brand into a culture brand, to elevate our level and save up for a big essentials line in 2022. Brand growth is needed to be able to make future projects possible.

That’s cool and all, but how do you intend to work towards these themes?


If you want to see these and future projects become reality, help me reach these goals by sharing, commenting and buying clothes!