Lookbook 'Break Jumps I'


The new line 'BREAK JUMPS I' signifies a big shift in level for A to Wherever, going way up regarding quality and marking the real beginning of breaking out to something bigger. Also, this is a first step to break out of the damaging cycle of the clothing industry by using environmentally & worker friendly producers.

Breaking jumps is obviously central in the process of freeing yourself physically and mentally in our culture, which translates back to the meaning behind 'A to Wherever'; of reaching anywhere you want. 'BREAK JUMPS - BREAK FREE' was the slogan from the beginning and it only seemed fitting it would be the basis for this next step. A to Wherever still is just a baby but you have to begin by breaking som barriers. Going into this as a one person brand with no other safety than myself is also mentally parallel to the process of performing a jump. 2018 was ground level training, low risk - this is the equivalent of me jumping my first roof gap.

I’ve literally looked at the sign for inspiration when facing a jump and it worked for me. Hope it works for you too.

/LOVE, Felix Johannesson