I started A to Wherever for many reasons, but none of them are worth anything if in the end the brand would just be another cog in an industry that’s destroying the planet. To me this was the obvious way to go - I don’t consider A to Wherever to be a niche “green” brand - rather; every brand should have this as the bottom bar. If it can’t be done sustainably, it shouldn’t be done at all.

I am an old-school practitioner and the words être fort & être et durer have been carved into me through many years - and maybe this is where it actually matters. Be strong to be useful // to be and to last - and in this instance a brand is stronger than an individual, which means A to Wherever has to be more useful, and bigger brands or corporations even more so.


I work with good people.

I use a local print shop, specializing in working green. Through their expertise I’m able to use garments that are produced in a good way and prints that are non-toxic. This collaboration is the easiest way I found to make sure all steps in the production are okay, as A to Wherever really is to small to have much of a mandate talking directly to producers.

I limit Co2 emissions as much as possible…

Importantly, this is the first step. 

...and compensate for the rest, mainly through tree plantation.

Co2 compensation is certainly not perfect. It is heavily discussed and sometimes accused of being greenwashing, which I do think it can be sometimes. So why use it?


This does not mean I’m an expert in any of this, and still am learning a lot. If you have good knowledge or tips - don't hesitate to reach out!