A to B is just following instructions.
A to Wherever is about freedom.

A to Wherever is born out of a love for parkour culture - and aims to contribute to it. Right now it’s mostly a clothing brand with sport specific articles, drawing themes and inspiration for the design from the practice. However, the goal is to go further than clothes - to be a culture brand. Whether it be through the movement itself or through the design of clothes, filmmaking, photography, music or any other artform you could think of, we know our community is sprawling: full of engagement and creative minds. We want to contribute to that aura.

Fundamentally A to Wherever is about Sustainability, Community and Culture. These basic elements are with me (founder Felix Johannesson) through the whole process.

The Sustainability part has perhaps been the main focus up until now, as I have it as the base requirement to keep going. I work with this mainly through choosing green producers, by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and by compensating for what emissions are left. Read more under 'Sustainability'.

Community and Culture is the main focus of 2021. Read more under 'Growth'